Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time when we can feel pressure to give gifts. Remember, you don’t have to give things—your time and presence are beautiful gifts! But if you decide to do a little shopping, here are some ideas. (And no, I have no financial connection to any of these, except for my own offerings at the end):

Moso Natural bags

These fabric bags full of bamboo charcoal absorb odor and moisture without adding fragrance into the mix. They’re perfect for anyone sensitive to scents, anyone in a hospital or nursing home environment, cars, or for your own bathroom. There are even sizes for the fridge and for shoes! Plus, they are resuable for two years. Simply recharge in the sun for an hour once a month.


Heated Mattress Pads

These are great for anyone who is cold-natured or has a lot of muscle tension. They create the feeling of being like a lizard on a hot rock, letting the body relax, which can be especially nice for fibromyalgia or other chronic pain. Worried about getting too hot? You can turn it on a little while before you go to bed, then turn it off after you get under your toasty covers.


Weighted Blanket

You’ve probably heard about weighted blankets by now. The weight of them can be soothing to the nervous system, easing anxiety and stress. They come in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes, and weights. Look for a blanket that has many compartments stitched so the filling doesn’t bunch up in one place.  It’s a nice bonus to have a removable cover that can be washed. Sometimes you can find smaller blankets that can be microwaved or frozen for added pain relief.


Angled Measuring Cup

This lightweight measuring cup lives on my kitchen counter. It has a handle that is easy to grasp, and it doesn’t weigh much even when full. I fill it from the tap, then pour it into my electric kettle or a pot on the stove. The angled markings mean you don’t have to bend down to read it, making it easier on the back.


If you’re in Austin, here are some fantastic places to look for local gifts:


Blue Genie Art Bazaar

It’s only open from November 23rd until December 24th, 10 am to 10 pm each day. Well worth your time!


Austin Gift Company

I have to admit, I had no idea what this store was about until recently, and now it’s one of my faves! It is full of all kinds of things sold by local artists and businesses. It’s a maze, so plan to spend some time in there.


Austin Creative Reuse

This can be a source for gifts for the crafter in your life or for materials to make a gift for someone. You never know what you’re going to discover at this thrift store for anything that can be made into something.


And yes, I do have a few coaching, energy work, and yoga therapy specials available for a limited time! You can find them here:


May you find what you need this season!


Dr. Jo