Gender Therapy Services

Queerbomb 2015, Austin

Queerbomb 2015, Austin


I have extensive personal and professional experience working with transgender and non-binary clients for over a decade. I also started the first support group for transgender veterans in Central Texas during my time at the Central Texas VA. (And I also happen to be queer and non-binary myself.)

I know that gender isn't always the most pressing issue for transgender clients. I also know that at times, thoughts and feelings related to gender can seem overwhelming. I'm here for all of it. Having a hard time feeling valid as a non-binary person? Trying to figure out how to navigate school or work during transition? Dealing with depression, PTSD, or anxiety? Trying to recover from an abusive relationship, other complex trauma, or narcissistic abuse? Feeling stuck and unable to move towards your goals? I can help.

Don't need therapy but do need a letter for surgery, hormones, or gender marker change? I do that too. In fact, as a service to our community, I offer single-session evaluations for letters on a pay-what-you-can basis. I know transition is expensive, and I'm happy to help reduce at least one of the costs of it. As long as you are in Texas, I can meet with you either in person at my Austin office or online by video chat (like Skype).

Perhaps you feel like you don't need a therapist at this point, but your partner, parent, or friend is struggling to adjust to your transition? I'm happy to help them process their concerns and offer information.

My office is near a bust stop and has parking outside as well as a single-stall gender-neutral restroom. It is a quiet space. I share it with several other healers (massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.) who are LGBTQIA friendly.

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule an evaluation for a letter or your first new client therapy session. I'm looking forward to meeting you!