What others are saying about my teaching


Warm, smart, and she makes me smile. Dr. Jo’s classes are one of my top picks for Kundalini Yoga in Austin. I appreciate the comfort, serenity, and encouragement I feel in her eyes and words and the integrity of her Kundalini practice. I feel fortunate to experience the combined depth of her psychological understanding of human nature and ease in guiding through the Kundalini experience. Golden combination.
— Eden
I am eternally Grateful for the Light that Jo shares; She creates a powerfully clean and sacred healing space : lifting others to heal themselves and experience life in the easiest, most loving way possible. Her presence and serendipitous teachings invite Miracles, Joy and Bliss into Life, one magical breath at a time.
— -Jeffery
The biggest challenge I faced before working with you, that I only began to realize through energy work and yoga, is that my internal motivator is a coach-like masculine sort of voice that can be kind of mean. Since I have come to recognize that voice in me I have been working to balance it with a gentler more compassionate self-voice. It is tough work to shift that internal dialogue to something kinder, and I feel like your classes and your whole persona exude self-compassion.

The change in me is that I am beginning to be able to allow myself compassion, and the space to be softer with myself. I think you hold space for classes with grace and a welcoming atmosphere. I feel no judgment there, and you facilitate a place for gentle growth.
— -Gigi
Jo has taught me to be gentle and accepting with myself, and to meet myself where I am without judgment.
— Angela
Thank you for an amazing class. I always feel encouraged to keep up, but in a gentle, supportive way. When we tune into your class, I feel a strong healing presence. What an incredible way to nurture my soul and start my day. Sat nam!
— Amanda