This book is for you

This book is for you. You who have been living in pain, fenced in by fear, surviving but not really living. You who are exhausted searching for the one thing that will make it all better. You who have tried self-help courses, therapy, medication, changing relationships, reading piles of books, changing living situations, haircuts, eating plans, getting a pet, distractions, exercise, yoga, staying in bed all day, sleeping more, sleeping less, detoxing, smoothies, journaling, talking about it, not talking about it, being social, sitting in solitude, long baths, long drives, vision boards, workshops, crying on the kitchen floor, screaming in the woods, changing jobs.

This is for you who have tried it all...and yet nothing has worked.

Nothing has taken away the feelings. Nothing has stopped the mean thoughts from coming. Nothing has soothed the self-loathing and shame. Nothing has quieted the anxiety and panic. Nothing has lifted the weight of depression off of your chest. Nothing has set you free from the cycle of pain, struggle, hope, and disappointment.

That's what this book is here to help you with, dear one. Just one more book. Just one more try.

There are things that most of us are never taught about how to deal with being human. In these pages are 8 concepts that will change how you relate to these thoughts and feelings that have kept you down for so long. In 8 weeks, these concepts can help you start to break free, to start living instead of just going through the motions. More freedom of movement. More freedom to choose. More freedom to live the way you haven't even dared to wish for all these years, that you thought was for other people but not for you.

It's time.
Let's do this.

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